Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the honeymoon is over

Pamela Anderson's two-month fairytale marriage to Rick Salomon is officially over. Fraud was given as the reason for their annulment. Their marriage has been completely erased. Too bad they can't do the same thing for their combined STDs.

TMZ claims Pamela promised Rick she would have his children. A source told them she became pregnant during their relationship, but was no longer pregnant after they separated. This is why they both claimed fraud as the reason for their marriage ending. No longer pregnant? That sounds so....grim.

This was Pamela and Rick's third marriage each!

Pam will be back at it by the Summer. Who will she marry this time? I'm thinking she'll change it up and marry a much older man. I'm thinking The Hoff. What a perfect couple.

New Online Celeb??

Here is the latest La Pequena video. Now obviously she/him=shim is not a real celebrity but shim has been getting tons of fans on youtube with his outrageous costumes, dance moves, and video names such as la Pequena amy winehouse and la Pequena Hilary Clinton just sit back and watch. [=